Zen and the Hard Drive Crash of 2011

There are several stories that influence the way I strive to live my life. I wrote about one such story in this blog post.  Another favorite is a little Zen story that goes something like this:  A Zen master finds a beautiful horse, and all of the people of the village are excited at what a good thing has happened to him.  The Zen master goes about his day.  Some days later, his son falls from the horse and breaks his leg.  “What a terrible thing it was finding that horse,” laments the village people.  A war starts; the young sons of the village are sent to battle.  When all are slain, the village people gather around the Zen master rejoicing that his son was saved by his broken leg.  The Zen master makes no judgment on the events of his life — they are just events.  We don’t know or see the whole.  Much of our heartache is caused by how we look at events, and I struggle to take events as they happen without placing a judgment on them.  A hard drive crash during my busiest work time was a challenge.  Well, truthfully, I was a wreak!  And I certainly can’t say that I was able to keep a Zen approach.  But the times when I caught myself bemoaning the “horrible” thing that had happened to me, I reminded myself of this little story.  I was able to change my focus from pitying myself in this situation to doing what was needed to get my work back on track.

Here are some tips I learned from the Crash of 2011:

1.   Use a battery backup with an AV regulator to help protect your hard drive.

2.  A complete system backup can only be restored to the same (or identical) computer.

3.  Backup in several mediums — external hard drives, flash drives, DVDs and online storage are options.

4.  Save all program disks, hardware drivers, and installation codes.

5.  Backup data each time you have done more work than you would want to do a second time.

6.  Label and keep backups in a safe place.

And who knows, it may have been the best thing that has ever happened to me — that is, if one is judging.

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