What is this thing we call “Christmas”?

Christmas is over — a sigh of relief.  Decorations are put away — another sigh of relief.  But Christmas still lingers — the credit card bills have arrived!  What happens to us during the Christmas season?  I can’t believe that the shopping, traffic jams, crabby people and all of the rampant spending have anything in the world to do with the birth of Christ. If there is a connection, please tell me. And don’t give me the story of the three wise men bringing gifts — that doesn’t come close to explaining what happens to us.  I’m a scrooge — and darn if I don’t get caught up in all the madness!

There so many things I love about Christmas — the music, the festivities, the lights, the family gatherings are all wonderful.  And of course, the Celebration of Christmas.  Why the emphasis on buying?

Is it possible that we have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to Christmas?  I do realize that a shift from the season’s buying frenzy would have an impact on our economy — maybe even a very large impact.  Christmas is what makes the retail business.  And just maybe Christmas also makes us a country of debt.

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